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    Last tasting starts 45 minutes prior to closing time.
    Saturday 09:00–13:00

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    Sun and Public Holidays: 09h00 – 16h00

  • The Story of Hermanuspietersfontein

    Was it not for “the sheep” we would not have a story to tell.
    In the early 1800’s farmers from the Overberg region imported a teacher by the name Hermanus Pieters to teach their children in Dutch, the forerunner to the Afrikaans language. Mostly paid in sheep they used to graze at a fountain where be camped under the Milkwood trees near the sea … This spot soon became known as Hermanus Pieters’ Fontein.

    The wine with the longest Afrikaans name in the world
    In 1855, some 20 years his after his passing, the village was named after him. In 1902 the postmaster shortened the name to Hermanus. When, in 2005, we founded our cellar we elected to adopt the original name of our village and pledged all our brand’s label copy to be in Afrikaans.

    Operationally, our well-equipped 350-tonne urban cellar boasts a large stainless-steel component, 20 6000L French foudrés and some 450 small and large French oak barrels. Designed to operate with two winemakers and two assistants; we combine a European mindset and gravity concept to minimize handling and intervention in the winemaking process.

    Our 350 Ha conservation conscious farm is located in South Africa’s cool climate premium wine producing region and nestles in the sheltered mountainous area called Sondagskloof. Less than 20% under vine our viticulture strategy focuses on low-yield farming in the interest of quality.

    On average 2° cooler than the rest of the Walker Bay region this special piece of earth is an accredited wine ward: Wines of Origin Sondagskloof under auspices of South African Wine and Spirit Institute since 2007.

    The minerality in our wines can be traced back to the high clay content in the soils while the cool climate and maritime influences on the vineyards is expressed in natural acidity. The different soil profiles presents the perfect environment for both Bordeaux and Rhône to prosper.

    Founded in 2005 for more than a decade already we’re still the only wine producer able to offer an elegant, European styled range of Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet franc, and Bordeaux and Rhône varietal wines under the appellation Wines of Origin Sondagskloof.

    Our winemaking philosophy Good Earth makes Better Wine successfully expresses our sense of place which we call The Soul of Sondagskloof.

    What is the relevance of a “sheep” in our lives?

    Well, everything … Was it not for his sheep Hermanus Pieters would never have camped at the fountain under the milkwoods near the sea and the site was never going to be called Hermanus Pieters’ Fontein. To this end we’re employing a wooley little creature as our story teller …   

  • Wilhelm Pienaar